Lila Kotopoulakii

Lila Kotopoulakii

Lila Kotopoulakii
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eyeshadow nail polish! idea ever.

abottleofink-andashotoftequila: “ yes-butno: “ Clear polish + eyeshadow = matte polish. Worth a try! Use an eyeshadow brush and mix clear polish with a pile of loose shadow :) ” Not only is this an.

So pretty

southernsnowdogs: “ zooophagous: “ bronyplushie: “ zooophagous: “ Esther is so photogenic. I love her. ” What animal is this? ” Esther is a North American Gray fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus) They’re.

✮ Calico Sphinx....what beautiful green eyes you have....

A calico sphinx cat! Do you think they are beautiful? The Sphynx cat is possibility one of the most affectionate, sociable and intelligent cat in the.