Dimitris Koudounas

Dimitris Koudounas

Dimitris Koudounas
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Burton | Team Rider Mikkel Bang | P. @deanblottogray

Burton | Team Rider Mikkel Bang | P. @deanblottogray

HCSC/Mizu Shred Scout Pack - Burton Snowboards

Save on Burton HCSC/Mizu Shred Scout Backpack - Mens. The Burton HCSC/Mizu Shred Scout Backpack is your go-to bag for skate, school, snow or just going .


USA Letters: Show your American pride with these colorful letters. Buy plain wooden letters (available at crafts stores) and get creative with red, white, and blue acrylic paint. Mix and match solid colors with stars and stripes.

2004 - Athens

History: The very first Olympics was held in Ancient Greece in 776 b. In 2004 Athens hosted the most current summer Olympics in Greece. The picture show the Olympic rings which represent the 5 inhabited continents.


Shell wind chime, a great diy project after a day of collecting shells at the beach! Each strand you do can have shells from different places you have travelled to. You can create small and longer strands depending on where they will hang.


Run through Indianapolis-Their Monumental Marathon was great! Best cheering section was done by Butler students!