Maraki Tomlinson

Maraki Tomlinson

thessaloniki/Greece / I am directioner and i dont believe something like Larry or Elounor or anything else because i dont even know the truth!
Maraki Tomlinson
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Punk One Direction.

Punk One Direction!>>>I love it >>> it's funny cuz they are still fab punk :)>>>other then liam I think these are the characters from AFTER!>>>Liam's too cute to be punk

Omg cute

I know it's not a rat but it is still and adorable little rodent! "Dormice are an endangered species and mainly found in the southern counties of Britain. They can spend up to three quarters of their life asleep!

Forever Repinning

Notice how all of Louis's are things that can be destructive>>> I feel ya Louis, I feel ya<<<< Did anybody notice that Liam underlined four?