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ΣΜΥΡΝΗ 1922: Βίντεο ντοκουμέντο της τραγωδίας βρέθηκε 86 χρόνια μετά!

Remarkable video, shared by Robert Davidian, of the fire at Smyrna.

Le Petit Trianon, The main salon is octagonal with an inlaid marble floor and is surrounded by four cabinets in a cruciform arrangement. The walls are gilded with cherubs highlighting each entrance. Cherubs & birds are also featured on the circular cornice which is supported by eight Corinthian columns. Four arched French doors provide light, exterior views and access

Designed by the Louis XV’s chief architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel at the instigation of Madame Pompadour this miniature palace was intended as a summer gaming/dining room.