British soldier with the LMT a barreled, DMR that beat the two “piston driven” kings; the FN SCAR and H&K The LMT MWS is a direct-gas impingement variant. It is designated the New Zealand has also adopted the LMT for the same role as a DMR.

It was announced earlier this year that Lewis Machine & Tool’s style rifle was selected by the British Army as their new marksmen weapon. They had the on display at SHOT.

A sniper takes aim at insurgents during a firefight in Afghanistan Canvas Art - Stocktrek Images x

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Paratroopers assigned to the British 16 Air Assault Brigade conducts an assault on Freedom City as the culminating event for Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise on Fort Bragg, N.

Royal Marines with 40 Commando, pictured on operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

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