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What is reality.

The official patch for Lucid Dreamers, Astral Travelers, and Out of Body Explorers is here! Have you ever realized you were dreaming in the middle of a dream? Have you ever been able to fly or manipulate the dream in any way? Do you practice reality checks during the middle of the day like putting your finger through your hand? Do you read books by Stephen LaBerge, Charlie Morley, or Robert Waggoner? Wear this Lucid Dreamer patch as a badge of achievement or as a beacon to call out to other…

Lucid Dreaming Patch - Metaphysical Fashion Accessory - Iron On Embroidered Patch - Dreamy Blue Hazy Pink for Consciousness Explorers

Hedge Riders:  "Through the Veil," by SteveGriffith, at deviantART. #Astral #Travel.

Just a regular DMT trip your body will experience every night which we call a dream. Lets all take a couple hits of “dream”, extinguish our egos and open our minds to the ignorance and destruction we collectively cause. Then never wake up.

“Widespread Panic – Jones Beach, NY 2015” by David Welker

David Welker "Widespread Panic - Jones beach" Foil Variant Screen print on brushed silver foil paper 16 x 24 inches Signed and numbered Edition of 60

A very psychedelic Phish poster by David Welker for Alpharetta

Phish Alpharetta 2014 5 layer screen print on mirror foil for Phish Summer Tour closing show at Alpharetta GA. Expresso Beans Art of the Week. by David Welker

Phish Hampton 2013 Poster

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