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Great for a tiny guest room.~ The simple, clean lines of this room would work great in nearly any home. Might try this for a guest room?
A trio of stars: | 65 Totally Inspiring Ideas For Wrist Tattoos
kids first and middle names, This might be the one. Kekoa, Koali'i, Keli'i maybe?
Love the heart twist at the end.   My little girls name TATTOO on my left side, ribs
Kims lil angel (representing a deceased baby) blowing wishes with siblings names listed. Tattoo design to request your own artwork
oh! i've been looking for a tattoo idea! this is wonderful, only with a 'S' instead of an 'M'
Letter with heart
Tattoo I got for my husband Ory, who battles cystic fibrosis. He is waiting on double lung transplant. The heart/B is our signature color.
Vintage Long Kitchen Dinning Table Made From OLD Bowling Lane 3 5 Meters in Fairfield, VIC | eBay