Sorovos Konstantinos

Sorovos Konstantinos

Sorovos Konstantinos
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Branch lamp

Unique Floor Lamp, handmade with real wood veneer lampshade, tribe weathered old oak tree at Freestone feet.

Floor lamp and Arc Lamp, weathered old Oak branch, Total height 222 cm, delivery with three real wood veneer lampshade around 18 cm x 23 cm high.

Portable fixture: Floor This portable fixture is on the floor and its purpose is general and accent because it lights up the area around it well and it is also very beautiful.

diy branch light

these DIY tree lamp ideas which gives much natural and vintage look to room lights. We have also found some very defined shape wood logs to get chic DIY crafts

Natürlich leben

Floor Lamp Handmade, with black of White shade, manufactures of old weathered oak trunk on Natural stone base.