Stone-wool – Design Rugs – Nanimarquina

Stone-wool Collection - Stones made of wool; a better option than sticks and stones that hurt one’s bones. These wool stones create a path through the rooms of contemporary homes, the perfect way to bring nature inside.

Tres – Design Rugs – Nanimarquina

Tres is a flat-weave Dhurrie rug collection designed by Nani Marquina that combines wool, felt and cotton.



Knitted Natural

"Knitted" is a collection of design rugs produced and designed by Nani Marquina. Made of Yute by using a hand woven technique.

Little field of flowers Greens

Little field of flowers Greens by Nanimarquina

Topissimo Multi Blues

Dots with volume, protruding colored spots that change depending on the light. This collection, clearly inspired by polka-dots, springs from an exploration of t