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the cover to cuentos de perferia by shain tan, with an image of a diving suit
an architectural model of a building with metal bars on the roof and walls, as seen from above
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
ENSAMBLE STUDIO - Architectural model
an architectural model of a house made out of wood blocks and plywood strips, with trees in the background
LETH & GORI have been announced winners of the competition for the new community centre Pulsen for Balling
a black and white drawing of a brick building with an open window on the side
Gonzalo del Val
a f a s i a: Gonzalo del Val
a white house sitting on top of a lush green field
Pylimėliai House Vilnius, Lithuania — DO ARCHITECTS
DO architects
an abstract map with lines and dots in the shape of a circle on top of a white
The Aegean Pairi-Daêza
The Aegean Pairi-Daêza | Tourism Landscapes
a tree casts a shadow on the ground next to a metal structure with a bench underneath it
Haptic Architects
an architectural model of a building with various parts labeled in white on the outside and inside
a model of a wooden structure with stairs
Gallery of Ultra-Ruin / Marco Casagrande - 48
Ultra-Ruin / Marco Casagrande
the stairs are made out of wooden slats
Indoors / Outdoors
wooden houses are arranged on display in a white frame
artist work | England & Co Gallery
12 Houses
people walking through a large warehouse with lots of shelves
Gallery of Factory Building on the Vitra Campus / SANAA - 12
Factory Building on the Vitra Campus / SANAA
six white model buildings sitting on top of a black surface
Gallery of Hallway House / NL Architects - 14
Hallway House / NL Architects
several diagrams showing the different sections of a building with various heights and widths for each section
Final Wooden House / Sou Fujimoto Architects
Sou Fujimoto - Final Wooden House
an architectural model of a house with white walls and floors, in the middle of a black background
SANAA - Moriyama House - Model