The square of Vizitsa (Pilio Magnesia), Thessaly, Greece✔zϮ

Vizitsa (Pilio Magnesia),Thessaly, Central Greece // by aggeliki.k on Panoramio

Volos, Magnisia, Thessaly_ Greece

This photo from Magnisia, Thessaly is titled 'Walking by the sea II'.

Volos - Church of Saint Konstantine - Greece

was married in this beautiful church in one of the greatest cities ever, Volos, Greece

esplanade just after the rain                                                                    O Agios Konstantinos

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Discover the city of Volos in Greece and the best Tsipouradika

Volos and the famous tsipouradika

The seafront town of Volos is one of the most beautiful in the country, but Volos is mostly famous fot the tsipouradika.