Kwstas Derkos

Kwstas Derkos

█10% Evil 3:) ↯ ██ 20% Angel o:) ███ 30% Jealous :P ████ 40% Collector :D █████ 50% Music :) ██████ 60% Friendly :/ ███████ 70% Lovely < 3 ████████100% me ;)
Kwstas Derkos
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Beautiful wooden boat in The Netherlands

canal boat in Netherlands. Most of these have very little horsepower but then the speedlimit in the canals is So go slow for once.

Old yachts and ships that still make us happy ...

This is where my new life started. Where I became Jay Gatsby. Dan Cody saved me from my life as poor boy.

Three classic swedish yachts: “Tournesol” 1912, “Vitesse” 1919 and Grand Old Lady “Arona” from 1904.

Three classic swedish yachts: “Tournesol” “Vitesse” 1919 and Grand Old Lady “Arona” from 1904

Consolidated Commuter Yacht Dolphin

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