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Here is an original Drama Notebook activity that goes beyond bullying and gets to the heart of why people discriminate against one another. Works best for older or advanced groups.

10 Scenarios to Get Kids Talking About Bullying: In group discussions, ask kids to imagine themselves in these 10 bullying situations and describe what they would do.

Bullying can threaten kids’ physical and emotional safety and can impede their ability to learn. It’s important that kids learn to recognize bullying and respond in safe, positive ways. In group di…

5 Ways to Stop Bullying.  This Character Ed Activity inspired a passionate discussion with my 6th grade students.  It's simple but powerful.  We used decorative scissors and foam to make it fun.

Abby Baur This idea is a great way to talk about bullying in the classroom. The students will have to come up with their own ideas on how to prevent bullying. It will increase their knowledge and get them thinking about bullying.