Labros Stamatopoulos

Labros Stamatopoulos

ΜΟΝΟ ΟΠΛΟ Η ΦΩΝΗ ΜΟΥ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Labros Stamatopoulos
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Ceramic sculpted tile Mother to be 4x8 by MedicineBluffStudio, $68.00 The sea turtle mothers to be wait off shore until night to come up on the beach to lay their eggs. I took some artistic license with this one and made her a lot closer to the shore than she would actually be. But she's a future mom with a goal. You don't want to get in her way.

Sea turtle, Art tile, Ceramic sculpted tile, Mother to be, inches Green sea…

Unfurling Vase, glazed ceramic pottery. | 3D Design | Pinterest

"Vanessa Quintana The idea behind this is the shedding of skin to reveal the raw, natural state that lies within the boundaries and expectations of the traditional vase form." Love this.

White Casserole: Jan Schachter: Ceramic Casserole | Artful Home

White Casserole by Jan Schachter. The unusual triple-coil handle is this artist's signature. High-fired *wheel-thrown:wheel thrown* and hand-built stoneware with a white ash *glaze*. Dishwasher and microwave safe; not oven safe.

Ceramics by Shaun Hall at - 2007 Copper matt fumed Aurora vase

A typical gold orange copper matte piece. I cant seem to get reds or blues as much as I would like, but I dont mind this.