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How to rag roll your hair - Dampen hair. Twist a section of hair around a strip of fabric. Tie the fabric strip in place and repeat until your hair is rolled. Sleep on your rag rolls and remove them in the morning for pretty curls!


Looking for awesome hairstyles for thin hair? If you want to experiment with hairdos for thin hair, explore the gallery for cool updo, bun,&down do hair ideas!

7 Best Easiet DIYs that will change your life

Back-of-the-Door Storage Problem: You've run out of shelf space but not out of stuff. Solution: The backs of cabinet doors are full of unused storage space. Attach shallow caddies to the back of a cabinet to add storage for everything from hand soap


This is a photo of Delphi, which was considered the spiritual center of the earth and therefore Greece. It is home to an Oracle that is often confronted with questions of the future by the citizens of ancient Greece.