Lagada Beach Hotel - Milos island, Greece

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palm trees line the pathway to an ocean
The way to our "Lagada Beach"
there are several exercise bikes in the room with curtains on the window sill behind them
Let's exercise!
a gym room with a bench, weight machine and window in the backround
Work out time at the property
Our lovely little church at the backyard
Our lovely little church at the backyard
two palm trees are lit up at night
Soothing nights in the property
an empty living room with white walls and wood flooring, including a wooden table
Our lovely reception
an empty room with three doors and no one in it
Lovely stone reception island design
an empty room with stone flooring and white walls
A lovely place for our guests to read and use their own computer
a large stone counter sitting in the middle of a room
We are looking forward to meet you!
two wooden chairs sitting next to a small table
The main reception room of the property
a white couch sitting in front of a mirror on the wall next to a wooden frame
Traditional wooden couch in the main reception
an empty living room with white walls and wood flooring on the ground, in front of a stone wall
Main reception
an outdoor patio with umbrellas and potted plants
★★ Lagada Beach Hotel, Adamas, Greece
Lagada Beach Hotel || Walking distance from Adamas port and town, Lagada Beach Hotel offers rooms right before a small beach. A seawater swimming pool and a tennis court are featured amidst the hotel’s extensive gardens.
several boats floating in the water near mountains
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Lagada beach Milos island Cyclades
an empty tennis court with two people playing on the side and water in the background
Lagada Beach Hotel, Milos, Greece
Lagada Beach Hotel