pretty wedding hair

Stylish Striped Virginia Wedding

Maybe my hair, but some of it left down, perhaps drooping to one side? I like how this sweeps it away from the face. Maybe my hair, but some of…

The Twisty Updo | Shes Beautiful

An adorable updo with how-to instructions. Tuck flowers into it when attending a special event, wear it on a hot day, or speed up the morning routine by not straightening or curling your hair! From The Joy of Fashion. [Yes please!

You know how I spend a grotesque amount of time watching YouTube videos? Well, it’s rubbed off on my 3-year-old. Of course, she’s not spending her time searching for tips to teach her how to apply makeup like a pro, she’s not interested in learning how to make her mom ponytail look more stylish, and she certainly doesn’t care about learning how to apply flawless makeup in 5 minutes or...

10 cute and easy hairstyles for kids

Sick of sending your kids to school with the same old pigtails and ponytails every morning? But thanks to these 10 cute and easy hairstyles for kids, our daughters can now be the most stylish kids in class!