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I'm yoongi whenever my english speaking relatives come in my country.

Also Yoongi: gets insulted by Namjoon insinuating they have no idea what’s going on and breaks out all his English skills

#wattpad #fanfic {Aqui nos drogamos con la jikookaina} Contendo: -imagenes -videos -ideas -gifs -fanarts -noticias -etc. (Tendra contenido no apropiado para menores de 18...nah mentiras lean las que quieran.) y que empieze la dominacion del mundo por las jikook shippers!!! (talvez vaya incluido el vhope,namjin,mark...

This is why you will always see me listening to my music with earbuds << and if they start talking to you while you have earbuds in just scream FUCK OFF. nah jokes just show them your earbud and walk away.

Let's all make a comeback and not tell Lay? Nah just kidding I love them all and I know that they all want Lay to be with them in their new 4 th full album but it's still sad