Came from the slave days, and was considered a medical disease which needed curing if a slave was wanting to escape. So, metaphorically speaking, this word can be used as a noun if you feel trapped and ache for escape. on Travel quotes quotes

Yes I donot know why I love the ocean the sound of waves, beach, the sunset and sunrise and ofcourse the color of the I love myilu?

It's so easy to forget to breathe sometimes. With everything happening at once, life can get very overwhelming. It is essential to take a step back, breathe and remember the One who holds your life in His hands.

Science says This is When you Will be the Happiest.

We're excited to introduce the winners of this spring's American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life. Learn more about this season's Project Live Your Life campaign. Stay tuned to learn about what's next for Project Live Your Life later

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