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Aww el!

i dont care what everyone else says, i ship elounour and i ship them HARRDDD /// I love how this picture is photoshopped (Lou's head) and that it has a "Calder quote".we only have one clip of her actually speaking.

Yess siirr

I was telling my mom earlier that I want to have a show called Married to Styles. I will be a fashion designer and that will be my life so it'll be like I'm married to it and Harry and I will be married. Lol Would anyone watch it?

this must be a lie because i think id remember meeting harry styles.


I can't love you more than this. No Wait I think I can because it's harold hazza fucking harry stylesss

Awwwwe so maybe I do have a boyfriend after all and I love him

My name is Annabella >>>>>my name is harli:)>>>>>>>My Name is Sophia>>>>>>> my name is Lara>>>>>My name is Elizabeth (Liz)>>my name is Jess>>> Niall's Girlfriend: Isabelle>>>>> My Name Is Gladys ;)>>>>>my name is Allie>>>>>> my name's Anna-Grace