part of the castle of Methoni by night, Peloponnese, Greece

Methoni by night, Peloponnese, Greece. Just imagine walking down this in a long, flowing medieval dress! Imagine being free to do that!

Voidokilia, near #Kalamata, one of the most beautiful beaches worldwide according to The Times #Greece

Inspiring picture beautiful view of voidokilia, greece. Find the picture to your taste!

“When I first visited Pylos, it felt like being to an unexplored place, a hidden treasure in mainland Greece. I was surprised by its wilderness: sandy beaches and the fourth-longest coastline in Greece, rivers, waterfalls, vineyards, and olive groves. Pylos is one of the first places in continental Greece where birds visit in spring migration, and the EU has designated many areas around it as protected. The Gialova lagoon hosts 271 of the 442 bird species in Greece and is next to…

The 8 Most Stunning Cities in Greece

Pylos, Messinia, Greece

Our trip will begin from your hotel and crossing streets filled with olive and orange trees but also with myths and traditions, for about fifteen minutes, we will reach the hill in front of Pylos. The first time that you confront the bay of Nava

The View of Pylos, Greece - This is an amphitheater-shaped town in the Navarino Bay surrounded by the attractive coastal region. It will give you that laid back feeling and impression that you are somewhere on an island and make your visit even better than you expected...

Peloponnese village - Pylos by Dbdella, via Dreamstime

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