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two jars with strawberries and whipped cream in them sitting on a table next to each other
Erewhon Smoothie Recipe's
Dreaming of LA's sunshine and those famous Erewhon smoothies? ☀️ So are we... ⁠ ⁠ While we can't be there in person, we've created the next best thing! Our own copycat recipes that you can enjoy right at home! Tap to learn more about our 3 favourite copycat recipes.
two desserts with whipped cream and cinnamon on the top are sitting on a table
Gut Healthy Bananas Foster Smoothie
Gut Healthy Bananas Foster Smoothie
a glass filled with watermelon and cucumber slices
Refreshing Watermelon Punch Cocktail Recipe (Easy & Tasty!)
someone is placing an orange slice on the top of a glass with ice and mint
Citrus Basil Smash Mocktail - The Social Sipper
Citrus Basil Smash Mocktail | The Social Sipper
a person holding a green drink with cucumber and elderflower spritz
Mocktail Recipes | Natalie Battaglia on Instagram: "Cucumber Elderflower Spritz Mocktail 🥒 I adore a cucumber/elderflower combo - the crisp fresh taste of cucumber combined with the sweet floral of elderflower is always a winner. ✨Don’t forget to save this recipe✨ This recipe can also be made as a punch in a pitcher ✨🥒 Ingredients ▫️2oz cucumber juice, store bought or homemade* ▫️1/2-1oz elderflower cordial or syrup ▫️1oz lime juice ▫️1/2 cup dry sparkling wine or soda Add all ingredients to a wine glass and stir gently. Garnish with an optional cucumber ribbon and edible flower. *To make the cucumber juice: blend 2 inches cucumber and 2 tablespoons water in a small blender and strain. Cheers and enjoy! #boozefree #nationalsoberday #mocktails #nonalcoholicdrinks #alcoholfree #al
a close up of a drink in a glass with ice and fruit on the rim
Hot Honey Peach Margarita - cheesegal.com
Hot Honey Peach Margarita🍸🍑 This 👏🏼 Recipe 👏🏼 is here juuuuust in time for the start of peach season. Here’s the thing- I’ve had some really good peach Margaritas in the past. But I’ve always wanted a bit of an extra kick, you know? So when I was developing this recipe, I decided to play […]
Cute Mimosa Idea | Easy Cocktail + Mocktail Inspo | Easter Drink Finds | Baby Shower Beverages
INGREDIENTS orange juice champagne oranges or mandarins with leaves INSTRUCTIONS 1. Cut leaves off of oranges and wash thoroughly. Set aside. 2. Fill sphere-shaped ice molds with orange juice and place a leaf in the opening, making sure to cover the stem and a small portion of the bottom of the leaf. 3. Place in freezer for 4 hours, or overnight. 4. Carefully remove the top of the mold as not to rip the leaves. 5. Place in glass, pour champagne over the top, and enjoy!
two glasses filled with strawberry lemonade sitting on top of a white marble countertop
Coconut Water Strawberry Lemonade
Coconut water strawberry lemonade is a healthy hydrating beverage packed with delicious flavor, easy to make and perfect for any time of year. Make it with strawberries, pineapple, tart cherries, mango, raspberries or any of your favorite fruits to create a beverage you will want to drink again and again.