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a large robot that is standing in the snow
Spider Mecha Freeze, Andre-Lang Huynh
an image of some type of vehicle with wheels
Offroad sketches 3941, Eldar Safin
some type of futuristic vehicle that is in three different stages, including the front and back view
Hover Hound by KaranaK on DeviantArt
a drawing of a tank that is in the shape of a robot with two lights on top
Jaguar Tank by StephenHuda on DeviantArt
Squats, Ps, Squat, Track, Auto, Vehicle Design, Vehicle, Concept Weapons
Comm: LRM carrier update by mattPLOG on DeviantArt
a black and white drawing of a tank
Urban Combat Vehicle by uyhbsv64 on DeviantArt
Geek, Jaguar, People, Tiger Tank, Military Art, Military Drawings, Tank Armor
Jaguar Tank by StephenHuda on DeviantArt
Vietnam, Fantasy Tank, Sci Fi Design, Game Art
What Are You Working On? 2013 Edition - Page 148
War Machine, Future Tanks, Tech, Motos
What Are You Working On? 2014 Edition - Page 202
a tank that is sitting on top of it's back legs, with the words tank
Emerson Tung on Twitter
an armored vehicle with people standing on the top and bottom part of it's body
Main Battle Tank
a white tank is sitting on the ground
Marhaf Legion Support tank (all variants) by Hongablaster on DeviantArt
a futuristic tank with a man sitting on top of it
The Art of Alex Konstad