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if its got any thing to do with the Pittsburgh penguins or the Dallas cowboys or hockey in general it goes in this board
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an open book with some writing on it
the text is written in green and white
I love this story!
the tweet is being posted to someone about their children's valentine day
an image with the words, 543 i want to be in a relationship with an n h player, wear his jersey, and i want him to make eye contact with me during warm - ups and flash
Seriously thats all I this seriously too much to ask for? #love
the hockey player is celebrating his goal
This is self explanatory Fan, Funny Quotes, Boyfriends, Los Angeles, Hockey Quotes
This is self explanatory
a hockey player holding his arms up in the air while standing next to another player
reason #2465 why hockey is amazing: their fans make things like this
an image of a quote on the theme of harry potter's hogwarts
True fans never give up... :)
an indoor hockey rink with a poem written on it
Until you see it, you won't understand #passion
three people are standing in the snow with hockey sticks
a young man is walking down the hallway with an ice skateboard in his hand
Nike hockey
a hockey player on the ice with a quote
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