Lefteris Flerianos

Lefteris Flerianos

Lefteris Flerianos
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This dad who gives no-nonsense dating advice: | 31 Of The Most Awesome DadsEver

Being a father. L How an I out the girls In mun mar?‘ hump a bucket at glitter an and stand in the sunlight. Thay‘ II come running. Than grow a pair and but I iPhone Message dad father son girls Meet text

Funny pictures about Truest Facts Ever. Oh, and cool pics about Truest Facts Ever. Also, Truest Facts Ever photos.

98% Of People Will Answer This Test The Same Way. You Have To Try It. I said a pink hammer. Is that the same?

So the two people before me said pink hammer and purple hammer. I said purple carpenters pencil.I have an abnormal mind. >>>I thought of blue hammer<<<< I thought red scerwdriver// purple screwdriver


Fast Food Flow Chart - deciding where to eat! I'm trying not to eat fast food but I thought it was slightly entertaining.


One of my goals is for the Fashion Show to be a hit. One of my ideas is a rainbow theme. Where each scene is two colors like pink and blue. One person is pink and the other is blue and cointinues down the colors.