Speech Pathology Greece

Speech Pathology Greece

Speech Pathology Greece
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Teething Chart... Good to know...

Chart showing when babies' teeth come in- although, this isn't for every kid. Ardy had the first bottom two teeth at 4 mo, and if this chart is right- she may already have all her teeth! i can't get her to sit still o count them

Sensory Processing Explained Series Oral Input

Sensory Processing Explained - good for parenting questions about kiddos with sensory issues, oral system and proprioceptive system [LIBRARY]

Importance of pointing

Importance of pointing. Most children will start pointing to objects on their own by 15 months. If your child is not pointing by 15 months, or is not using any gestures by 12 months, you should bring it up with your pediatrician just to be safe.

In Appreciation: Jeri Logemann

Jerilyn (Jeri) Logemann, ASHA 1994 and 2000 president and a world-renowned researcher in speech-language pathology, died at age 72 on June in her home surrounded by friends.