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Young Baiye-MiracleDoll 65cm BOY - stacyspinkocean.com

Young Baiye-MiracleDoll 65cm BOY - stacyspinkocean.com

18 Mug Cake Recipes that you can make in minutes!

Mug cake recipes are fantastic, single-serve desserts that are sure to put a smile on your face. Take a peek at this list of Quick and Easy Mug Cake Recipes for some of the best and most mouth-watering mug cakes from around the internet.

Astonishing, half-animal, half-plant - Elysia chlorotica, a bright green, solar-powered, algae-slurping sea slug - green, ocean, sea, nature, photography

˚The eastern emerald elysia (Elysia chlorotica) Nudibranch Sea Slug photograph by Patrick J. Krug-My favorite kind of nudibranch!

Infrared: The Final Hours, Parramatta Park

Infrared: The Final Hours - Parramatta Park - Infrared (without RGB swapping) [Fisheye], Canon Fisheye Shot with an infrared-converted Canon