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a small monkey is sitting on a tree branch eating something with its paws and eyes wide open
Born in May only a week apart at the Taronga Zoo, Squirrel Monkeys Carlos and Enrique are starting to develop their own personalities and are becoming more independent every day
two koalas sitting on top of a tree branch with their heads touching each other
Koala Joeys Emerge for Spring at Taronga Zoo
Spring, in Australia, has heralded the arrival of more tiny paws at Taronga Zoo, with two new Koala joeys emerging from the pouch to the delight of keepers and visitors. Check out ZooBorns to learn more and see more!
a colorful bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Fruit dove IMG_9808
Fruit dove - (CC)OZinOH -
a koala bear sitting on top of a tree
Koala Joeys Emerge for Spring at Taronga Zoo
Baxter Photo by Paul Fahy
a man and child feeding a giraffe at the zoo
Things to Do, Tickets, Tours & Attractions | 2024 | Viator
Taronga Zoo Roar & Snore >> 10 Weird Attractions in Sydney
a giraffe is standing in front of the sydney opera house and city skyline
Giraffe & Sydney Opera House
Giraffe Sydney Opera House: "Yeah, it's not a bad view from here I guess" by Flickr user David MK
two koalas in a tree looking at the camera
Top 10 Tourism Australia Facebook snaps Cute alert! Koalas captured at Sydneys Taronga Zoo. Photo: Taronga Zoo keeper Tony Britt-Lewis
an elephant playing with a soccer ball on its back and another elephant laying down next to it
Luk Chai, a baby elephant born, 2009 in the Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Photo: Renee Doyle
a black and white photo of a baby lion standing on top of a tree stump
14 Animals Demonstrating Why A Mother's Love Is So Special
Mamma leonessa con il suo leoncino
people are on the beach and in the water
Balmoral Beach - Sydney, AUS a special place I miss!
a white building sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with waves coming in
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Understated oceanic elegance is the key at Bathers’ Pavillion, where bright, comfortable and sophisticated rooms offer the perfect setting for your dream day.
the red rock is lit up at sunset
Uluru (Ayers rock), Australia
an aerial view of a highway near the ocean with waves crashing on it's sides
Ocean Road - south of Sydney, near Wollongong, Australia
two pictures of the same swimming pool in different stages of being taken from above and below
15 of the World's Most Scenic Swimming Pools
Bondi Icebergs, Sydney Australia. Lovely long lanes with the best lap lane view ever.
an aerial view of the ocean and beach
bondi beach / australia