Lena Soupoura
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Sweet Pickins Furniture...Have this EXACT desk in off white in my garage with bookshelf on top...it was my daughter's and just waiting for a re-do!!! :)
lovely curio cabinet
...english instructions...i love bows...and now I can teach the kids at work to make these :D
☆Elysian Chinoiserie Interiors
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Lucky Elephant Tank - Ivory @Heidi Haugen Haugen Haugen Haugen Haugen Gaber Check out the website to see more
Origami paper crane tutorial, something i aspire too! I hear the crane is one of the most intimidating creations. I'm diving in!
DIY Paper Origami Lily Vintage Wedding Corsages & Boutonnières | Confetti Daydreams
Origami fox - the instructions aren't in English, but the diagram is pretty good so it should be doable! #kids #craft #art
Heart-shaped page marker origam will make for valentine day since we don't really celebrate at school.