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Crochet Your Own Giant Pillowy Circle Rug

Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to make your very own roving rug! | Crochet Your Own Giant Pillowy Circle Rug | Watch the video and written instructions here: http://gwyl.io/crochet-giant-pillowy-circle-rug/

Doily bath rug blue

giant doily rug

Fabric and rope rug ~ tutorial

Make a rug loom with PVC pipe. Weave around top/bottom and sides of PVC to keep the weaving from pulling in. When done, just take apart the PVC and slip off the rug. What a great idea from Pink In Mind.

DIY Pallet Bookshelves...these are the BEST Pallet

Salas Pequenas: mais de 40 ambientes cheios de estilo

50 salas pequenas e cheias de estilo - Casa

Sewing Classes Online for Beginners

Want to learn to sew but don't know how? Check out these 10 sewing classes online perfect for beginner and novice sewers!

DIY Pompom Rug - iCreatived