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a painting of a house with flowers in the foreground and an ocean in the background
two people swimming in a body of water with bubbles floating on the water and green grass
Gordon Hunt Artist, Gordon Hunt Artwork Online
two women in white dresses are sitting by the water with swans and ducks around them
an image of jesus on the cross above a waterfall
Gallery — Anna-Marie Ferguson
Gallery — Anna-Marie Ferguson
an angel on a white horse surrounded by sheep
La Tribune de l'Art
Paul Sibra (1889-1951) Les Voix de la France, 1924 Salon des Artistes français de 1925 Huile sur toile – 167 x 167 cm Narbonne, musé d’Art et d’Histoire
a painting of a woman sitting at a table in front of a blue house with pink flowers
In the Garden of the Blue House by Pama Peckham Cao-Ba
a painting of two snow leopards in the snow
a naked woman laying on top of a bed covered in white sheets and braids
a painting of a woman looking at plates in a cabinet
Brita Granstrom - Vintage Plates
Paul Oxborough, Snorkeling, 2014 Snorkelling, Painting & Drawing, York, Artists, American Impressionism, Portrait Art, Pictures To Paint
Kevin Sonmor - 100 Portraits: The Home Guard
Paul Oxborough, Snorkeling, 2014