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Something to keep those high maintenance hair toys off the counter and organized. Genius. #hair #style

You never know how valuable space is until you have roommates. Or maybe you’re living solo but have a tiny bathroom? Either way, a style station is definitely a practical solution to keep you organized.

Laundry POD // Easy-to-use, eco-friendly, portable, washer designed to do small loads of laundry using no electricity and a minimal amount of water. Cleans clothes in less than 10 mins with a simple manual washing, spinning, and draining system! Genius! Perfect for delicates or dorm living!

Save time, money and the environment with this nifty little laundry pod. It uses less than of the water that a conventional washer uses and is super simple to operate. Take it camping, boating or keep it in the washing room as a go-to green gadget.