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KC’s blue t-shirt with white striped sleeves on KC Undercover.  Outfit Details: http://wornontv.net/49442/ #KCUndercover

KC’s blue t-shirt with white striped sleeves on KC Undercover

Career woman: Zendaya recently returned to the Disney Channel with her spy series KC Undercover and revealed to Cosmopolitan she only reason she returned was due to 'more power'

Zendaya, looked incredibly well-rested after her Brazilian getaway as she headed out on a shopping trip with her mum and friend at the Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The pilot episode of K.C. Undercover is now available for FREE on iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/pilot/id948941639?i=953622915 …

Undercover Spy, the heart jewel talks to give her messages not very secretive they should have had the message come out of ear buds instead of out of the bracelet itself. Might also hold a tracking device.

"Trust No One" - When K.C.’s latest mission is compromised, she is tasked to find the mole in The Organization, in an all new episode of K.C. Undercover,

"Holly Holly Not So Jolly" - As the Cooper family decorates the house for the holidays, K. begins to reflect on the many disguises and missions she has ta