Fallen Angel
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He is so perfect

He is so perfect 💕😍😍

He is so fucking hot ❤

I don’t care what anyone says, you cannot deny the beauty that is Andy’s eyes.

Sad Quotes About Love Hurting: It Is Hurting Again This Is Words And Sketch Picture ~ Mactoons Life Inspiration

I feel like I'm having a heart attack! You know the feeling when someone you love and trust betrays you and your heart feels like its crumbling. that's how I feel. and I'm scared

Profound!!!! Please everyone, be conscious of this with everyone in your circle or path!!! Ty God bless!! healthandfitnessnewswire.com

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Even angels have feelings

Holding up the world on your shoulders can sometimes be hard. Even angels need to re-connect. 🍂Beautiful Angel on a swing🍂

Does losing your place change you, or do you change when you lose your place? Either way, it sucks to not be the favorite anymore...

"The Devil is real & he's not some little red man with horns & a tail. He can be beautiful because he's a fallen angel & he used to be God's favorite" American Horror Story