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two blue bird bathes with rocks in them and the words how to make a bee water station
How To Make A Simple Bee Water Station For Your Garden
Support the bees in your garden while adding a pop of colour, with our DIY bee water station. #SaveTheBees #gardening #gardeningtips #gardenhacks #bees #attractbees #GardenPlanning #pollinators #beefriendly #wildlifegarden
an outdoor garden area with various plants and flowers in the center, surrounded by metal trelliss
Embrace Your Natural Beauty: Celebrate Hairstyles that Emphasize Your Authentic Self
Grow Cantaloupe Vertically!
My favorite way to grow cantaloupes is on ladder mesh trellises - Stick one end in the ground and the other. Grow one plant per trellis. Pay attention as it’s climbing to tuck in the vines. You’ll probably need to prune some suckers. Allow 2-3 fruit per vine - any more than that, and they won’t be as sweet. They support themselves but keep a close eye on them, once they are ripe, they slip easily from the vine. #verticalgardening #cantaloupe #verticalfarming #desertgarden #arizonagarden
two cantaloupe hanging from a tree with the words 9 tips for perfect cantaloupe
How to Grow Cantaloupe
the garden grid worksheet is filled with vegetables and plants to help kids learn how to grow them
Square Foot Gardening Plant Spacing Guide w/ Printable Chart
Comprehensive Plant Spacing Chart Plant Spacing Guide
an info sheet showing the different types of vegetables
Your Vegetable Companion Planting Guide: Pairings for Success! - The Potager Project
Vertical Strawberry Tower