Magnifiers for Reading

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a magnifying glass sitting on top of a pile of books with the words book magnifier tips underneath it
Book Magnifier Tips To Help You Enjoy Reading
A book magnifier comes in different shapes and styles. Determine first where you like to read. Perhaps it's your favorite reading chair, in your bed or at your desk. Where you like to read will make a difference as to what reading aids will be most helpful to you. #bookmagnifier
a person holding up a book with flowers on it
Lighted Full Page Magnifier
Full page magnifiers offer a large lens size and increase the font size of any book or magazine. This one pictured above has LED lights all around it for even light distribution. There is also a dimmable switch to adjust the brightness. #fullpagemagnifier #magnifierwithlight
an open book with pictures of flowers in it and a magnifying glass object
Hand Held Magnifier
This hand held magnifier has a folding handle so you can keep it in your purse or pocket. Use it at home for spot reading or while you are out to read a menu or a product label.
a magnifying glass sitting on top of an open book with pictures of flowers
Hand Held Magnifying Glass
A hand held magnifying glass can be used to read an article or for a quick read like looking at a bill, a prescription bottle or the label of a can. #handheldmagnifyingglass #readingmagnifierformaculardegeneration
a close up of a magnifying glass on top of a magazine with other items
Magnifier for Reading
A dome magnifier is an ideal magnifier for reading newspapers, maps and magazines or for hobbies like stamp collecting. It's best used on a flat surface like a desk or table where the magnifier can glide over the material that needs to be magnified. #readingmagnifierformaculardegeneration