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Coco Snowball: Vodka, Malibu Rum, Coco Lopez (cream of coconut), Blue Curacao

Coco Snowball 2 oz vodka 2 oz Malibu Rum 2 oz Coco Lopez oz Blue Curacao Line rime of glass with agave (or honey), roll in flaked coconut. Shake all ingredients, strain into serving glass and enjoy!

G r e e c e

Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese, and off the coast of Asia Minor, from which it is separated by the kilometres-wide Mycale Strait.

Heels make a woman feel like she can conquer anything but still remind her that she's a woman with a feminine and delicate side.

omg look at these Vera Wang shoes! Open-toe pump with draped satin straps. Open-toe pump with draped satin straps and large bow at heel. Available in sizes Colors available Ebony, Ivory, and Blush.