What's with the grammar mistakes? These illiterate wazzbags smh your means ownership and you're is 'you are'


I miss the sound of your voice, the staccato in your laugh, the Eskimo kisses before you lips met mine, and the way you touched me when I was yours.

Signs your falling for him. #love

I was thinking of him just by reading the title, and I was smiling, and he's why I'm excited to go to school even tho I never talk to him cause I'm too shy . but that all in my dreams cause I don't go to school with him

Your face pop up in my head, Hannes!

Thn pathsa mazi sou.... V.K.

and when it comes to him controlling your mood with one word, then it's bad…

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Καθολου δεν θα με χαλαγε...!!@?

Καθολου δεν θα με χαλαγε...!!@?