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several people are standing at the counter in a coffee shop with lots of items on display
Retail Therapy: {SHED, Healdsburg} - Apartment34
SHED Cafe and store in Healdsburg, California #cafe #store #contemporary
the inside of a restaurant with many tables and benches filled with food on top of them
Famoso mercado gastronômico Eataly chega a São Paulo | LeBlog
several baskets filled with fruits and vegetables in a store
Budgens opens fresh-focused concept store
I like the display in front of the table with the baskets
the inside of a restaurant with lots of food on display and signs hanging from the ceiling
Whole Foods Market | Del Mar - DL English Design
the inside of a grocery store with many items on display
Redesign prisons with a heartwarming theme in design and daily operation. Depart from the former visual stigma of what prison ought to look like. Redesign prison With comfort, tranquil textures and colors for maximum aesthetic appeal and a heartwarming affect. Doesn’t that make more sense? Purpose prison with the goal of rehabilitation rather than imprisonment. Have a mini economy in prison. Install a library, kitchen, convenience store, a farm, a garden and restaurant in every prison.