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Nota 5SOS fan, but this is beautifulluke just became like 54384638756376538726543765437658736538765428765342876534275634276347658794614367563792753426573454873658793653796593026587342653874265674826546587342965874275348657426357426574127546593468546379856489626501561270571405265726158096425647654765489365948658946846587461564365676567567436741289375642657421576% more atractive, this is so sweet I just can't even, bYE!

this is why i obsess over this band No why is it raining on my face this is not okay, THIS IS WHY I LOVE LUKE HEMMINGS OKAY<<<<< this is why he is an amazing inspirational singer and guitarist

wake up in Paris... #Paris

Photograph by Jennifer Kitchen Leading Lines, Reflection, Tone Leading lines are made by the Eiffel Tower in the background and the couture of the wine glass. There are three Eiffel Towers, two are reflections. The grey hues of the image give it tone.

Everyone says Luke even I did when I watched this! ( Luke just is the biggest mama's boy)

Selena Gomez

It's been a huge year for Selena Gomez. The teen shot a new movie, toured with her band, and continued making headlines with boyfriend Justin Bieber.