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Wood-bronze knee sunscreens Solar #shading by @isamser  | #design Ferruccio Laviani
Umthi Cabinet Open - Meyer von Wielligh

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Retroscena is a colourful apartment renovation by La Macchina Studio
Peacock-blue enamelled walls and a dimmable ring light mirror above the sink add to the theatrical styling of the bathroom.
the spiral staircases in this building are made of concrete and steel, making them appear to be curved
Photos reveal Tadao Ando's completed He Art Museum in China
The He Art Museum, otherwise known as HEM, is made from a stack of staggered, concrete disks that wrap around a pair of sweeping helical staircases at its centre.
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by stone walls and flooring with large open windows to the outside
Piscine de rêve : couloir de nage, piscine à débordement, bassin aquatique...
a brick building with a large window on the side and a vase in front of it
Uitbouw Jaren '50 woning Den Haag
two pictures side by side of a house made out of shipping containers
The Magnificent Hideaway Litchfield Container Cabin in Nature - Australia
Wall-Mounted attic Telescopic Ladder
the wooden structure is designed to look like it has been made out of wood
Wood-bronze knee sunscreens Solar #shading by @isamser | #design Ferruccio Laviani
a red stool that is made out of metal and has an unusual design on it
Organic Stool
a wooden bench sitting on top of a metal frame
Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen — Colossal
a close up of a wooden table with metal legs
Vintage made contemporary by Barn In The City
barn wood reclaimed - glamorous contemporary take on reclaimed wood
a wooden table that has been made to look like a river