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a desk with a computer on it in front of a brick wall and a clock
tumblr mi2ueiuZCa1qkegsbo1 500 70 Office Workspaces | Inspiration | Part 18
a computer desk with a laptop on top of it next to a chair and table
EhoEho Studio : One-High Table
L'ArchiDesignClub est aujourd'hui la plus importante communauté française d'architectes. Créé en 2008, est le premier web Magazine français du secteur du design et de l'architecture.
two laptops sitting on top of a wooden table with headphones and earbuds
Artifox's Simple, Elegant Desk 01, Designed for Modern-Day Needs - Core77
two different views of a wooden desk with drawers on each side and an open drawer in the middle
Phloem Design's Laura Desk - Core77
“It’s called the Laura Desk, and Klebba initially designed it for ShowPDX, a biyearly Portland-based furniture design competition. While the finished product is done up in the customer’s choice of ash, cherry, walnut or white oak, Klebba first worked it out using plywood and maple scraps for the top and legs, respectively.”
a yellow table and chair in a room with a pink wall on the other side
C: desk with built in storage by making double layering.. so f*ing practical
a wooden table with two bird cages on top of it and a lamp in the middle
Minimalist Desk With Topographic Storage Made of Electrical Cord
Ups and Downs: Minimalist Desk With Topographic Storage
a table in the middle of a room with lots of shelves and tables around it
Desk Y03 by Hristo Stankushev, via Behance. Not modular or flatpack but an excellent combination of materials.
people sitting at desks in an office setting
for architects
The office should allow for modular desk layouts, with minimal, optional barriers between desks. There should be LOTS of power plug points.
an office desk with two chairs and a laptop computer on top of it, in front of a white background
NameBright - Domain Expired
Adaptable Desk by Robin Grasby
a table with two chairs next to it on a white floor and one black chair
Mantis Desk by Samuel Wilkinson
London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson created an elegant modular desk for London furniture manufacturer Case called Mantis. The desk is made in parts so that the user can decide where the components are to be placed.
two views of the same desk with different angles and sizes, one showing an open drawer
Clutter Cutting All in One Desk Design
Clear the Clutter: Modular Desk for the Storage-Obsessed. My dream.
a wooden desk with a drawer on the top and legs that are attached to it
Thin elegant angled legs, vintage mid century vibe
a wooden desk with two drawers on one side and an open drawer on the other
This wooden desk with all its elegant hidden drawers inside, is the creation of Simon Schacht for his master craftsman diploma. Photos by Wolfgang Pulfer.
three wooden tables sitting next to each other on cement floored area with concrete walls
Minimalist Modular Desks
Minimalist Modular Desks - The Tray Table by Pedro Feduchi is Strikingly Adaptable (GALLERY)
an overhead view of a table with various items on it and a lamp hanging over the top
Anna G.
interesting idea for the mechanism for a cosmetic-concealing vanity table (would want something in a design motif that coordinates with your cabinets, of course.)