I feel like I've been deduced...love the double take! :)

One of my new favourite gifs <-- I feel like I've been deduced. <-- that look he gives you <~~ Damn. Well put, I FEEL deduced and seduced


How I feel when people I don't know or don't like touch me.<<<How I feel on Black Friday << How I feel when John wrinkles my Westwood suit

This is the greatest reaction GIF ever!!!! :)

When I heard that Sherlock wouldn't air for another two years^^ Andrew Scott perfectly describes my feelings.

pride and prejudice chapter 34, Mr Darcy's marriage proposal to Elizabeth... how nerdy is it that i want this??

Pride and Prejudice Marriage Proposal Cuff - Chapter Mr. Darcy's marriage proposal to Elizabeth Bennet!

Gif. Okay, this is one of my favorite parts, because Sherlock looks so genuinely sad and confused. He thought he was helping her, and he cared she was upset.

Sherlock realizing he hurt Molly when he meant to help her. His face is so fucking adorable it's like a little puppy face Awww I can't

ISTJ; personalities in gifs... should I be worried that mine is Moriarty? Cause I actually like that XD

personalities in gifs. should I be worried that mine is Moriarty? Cause I actually like that XD-->Not at all. Moriarty is one of the coolest character :)

Sherlock and Moriarty are BFFs ;D

"Remember when I made you jump off that building? Oh, good times." Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott.

Humpty Dumpty Sherlock

Moriarty sat on a wall, Sherlock Holmes had a great fall, All Lestrade's horses And all Mycroft's men Couldn't put Watson together again. Moriarty Sat On A Wall