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Circle of Willis

The circle of Willis (circulus arteriosus cerebri) is an anastomotic system of arteries that sits at the base of the brain. The “circle” was named after Thomas Willis by his student Richard Lower.

Blood types and antigen/antibodies

This article provides a comprehensive chart of the known types of blood and explains compatibility issues in its transfusion. It also discusses the criteria by which these types are decided.

Old x ray machine. Enlarge:

2 nurses use the mobile X-ray machine to X-ray a patient on a ward at Guy's Hospital, London in

Aparato de Rayos X potatil con forma de girafa en Hospital Infantil de Dinamarca y también del INP de México.

This is an X-Ray giraffe from a Danish children's hospital - Ashley, it's the giraffe from

Thyroid Basics - this is the best thing I've ever seen! :)) love!

Thyroid issues can get complicated, so this might help nurses to explain common thyroid functions better to patients. by hallie