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a small animal with two flags on it's head and the caption reads, croatia should live won't no switzerland was better me rooting for both
all jokes aside, both deserved to win
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two people with their faces close to each other and the words no thoughts, just rude and
my roman empire
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this is a desperate need not a want candle with the caption cardan on it
just take my money 😩
mine don't repost || but there's also smth called ✨ strict parents ✨
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The Cruel Prince 🔛🔝
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the silhouette of a man and woman who are facing each other with words above them
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shatter me folk of the air once upon a broken heart memes
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the text reads, i'm not my virginity means a lot to me
preeacchh its your choice weather you want it or not . its the only thing u really have control over . think before you act .