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two story house plans with different floor plans
Bien-Zenker -
Klassisches Einfamilienhaus mit Satteldach Erker und Loggia - Haus Grundriss Edition 3 V 6 Bien Zenker Fertighaus -
two story log cabin with loft plans
Plan 24308 | Leisure Time Get-Away
A Frame House Plan 24308 | Total Living Area: 823 sq. ft., 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom. The A-frame's steep roof is designed to shrug off the deep snowfall of a mountain environment, yet, this cabin would be equally at home in any vacation setting. Although this is not a large home, a spacious feeling is achieved by the large open living room. #aframe #houseplan
a pink door with an ornate design on the top and bottom part, in front of a brick building
Art Nouveau Door
a yellow door with ornate iron work on the front and side doors, in an old building
Yellow Door
#KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ ❥ So European! #Doors
an old book with many different types of vases
An entry from American Gentility
An illustration for an article about columns in Nouveau Larousse illustré (1898)
an old drawing of a casino building with statues on the front and side entrance door
MGProjekt (@MGProjekt) / X
Dax, Landes. Casino. Architect P. Esquite. The architecture of the second half of the XIX century. Drawings and sketches.
a purple door is on the side of a brick building
Crazy double doors in purple
a wooden door with iron work on it
I love the large oversized front door that have a mix of wood, iron and windows.
people are walking around in an open area with water fountain and large circular glass windows
Gallery of Update: Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture - 4
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Wouldn't this be cool in your own home?
an old drawing of a building with statues on it
Entrance to the St. Florian Stift, Austria
an architectural drawing showing the different types of windows and doors in various styles, sizes and colors
Royal Architecture Decorative Blocks
Royal Architecture Decorative Blocks – CAD Design | Free CAD Blocks,Drawings,Details