lina tzortzopoulou

lina tzortzopoulou

lina tzortzopoulou
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Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself. --George Bernard Shaw .

I might do a painting like this, but rather than painting a streak with a person. I'd paint a streak of emotions, or possibly things that have triggered sever emotions in my past. The paintbrush painting this caught my eye.

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45 White Bohemian Indian Wall Hanging Boho Wedding Dream Catcher Product Description: This one-of-a-kind bohemian style dream catcher perfectly pairs lace, ribbons and doilies in neutral colors and t

cuando algún día mi vida este marcada en mi rostro como el de esta persona...sabré que he triunfado...habré logrado atravesar todas las vicisitudes de la vida con todo su peso y dolor....solo espero que Dios me brinde su licencia.

Looking at people's faces can tell so much about them. Imagine the knowledge, the wisdom the thoughts and the experience behind those eyes. Photography-portraits ~ / Photo "just only memories" by HAI TRINH XUAN