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17th Century Greek Island embroidery (Skyros)
Ottoman Era Embroideries from Greece in the Benaki Museum, Athens - Embroidery on a bridal sheet from Skyros, an island in the Sporades. Abundant floral decoration surrounds the central architectural subject: the depiction of an enviable residence with birds, mythical beasts, human figures, and the apotropaic-talismanic symbol of a double-headed eagle. 18th c. Gift of Mari Zarifi. (ΓΕ 8484)
Late-Ottoman embroidered panels, from the Epirus region (probably Ioannina), 18th century. The region was known both for its textiles and silver working. This colorful example draws large stylized palmettes based on persianate "botehs" or paisleys. The richly embroidered surface, lushness and variety of color, and clarity of drawing are indicative of the finest quality of work.
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ottoman embroidery | Legge, Greek Island (Ottoman provincial) embroidery fragment
Crete Embroidery Crete, Greek Islands, 18th century, silk on heavy linen, mounted, ground patched, stained and some holes, embroidery in good condition, fair condition, 18" x 25 1/2"
Crete, Greek Islands, second half 19th century, silk embroidery on cotton., minor bleeding to red dye, some holes. backed and in a stable good condition, 26" x 31"

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