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a woman's stomach with flowers in a mason jar on her side, and the words buzzfeed above it
Mason Jar Vase Tattoo
the zodiac sign with flowers and leaves on white paper art print by designbyte
Gemini Floral Zodiac Constellation Art Print by Allison Terkelsen - X-Small
a black and white drawing of flowers with skulls in the middle, on a white background
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a black and white drawing of a couple kissing on the moon with stars in the background — Coming Soon
Ayurveda, Yoga Meditation, Wicca, Yoga, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing
How to Open Your Chakras
Spiritual Principles, Travel Baby Shower Theme, Travel Baby Showers, The Oregon Trail, Dream Symbols, Ancient Knowledge, Spiritual Practices, Book Of Shadows, Sacred Geometry
"Hermetic Law - As Above So Below - Esoteric and Spiritual Principles" Poster for Sale by MentalHouse
the high priestess tarot card with an eye on it, surrounded by stars and crescent
Soul Cards
three different types of dinosaurs with flowers on their heads and mouths, all in black and white
a drawing of a dinosaur skull with flowers on it's head and teeth in the mouth
Jurassic Bloom - The Rex. Comforter by Sinpiggyhead
an astro wheel with all the zodiac signs in white on a black background, as well as numbers and symbols
"As Above So Below - white " Tapestry for Sale by GroveHollow
Motivation, Inspirational Quotes, Spiritual Awakening, Beliefs
Jasmeine Moonsong