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an image of a man with different facial expressions on his face and the caption in spanish
the vampire and his girl friend are looking at each other
a drawing of a young man with black hair
Frey🩸[📚Saga: Darks- Ariana Godoy]
🎨: alison_ismari_ (Instagram)
a black and white photo of a woman talking on a phone with the caption heist sten
a man with long hair and blue eyes has the words frey on his forehead
the words in spanish are written on a black background with white writing and an image of a
the logo for mojgatta de heist, which is also in spanish
an advertisement for a ski resort with two people walking on the snow and one person climbing up
an image of a man with blue eyes in the movie twilight saga, which has been written
a man holding a coffee cup in his right hand and wearing a robe over his left shoulder
Mason - mi desesperada desicion
an ad for heist with the caption's description in spanish and english
a man standing in front of a wall with the words heist written on it